Common Questions  

Why consider therapy?

People seek counseling for many different reasons. You might feel unsatisfied and stuck in life and are unsure how to make changes to create a more satisfying life.

Or you may be seeking to address deeper issues such as: Anxiety, Abuse, Depression, Past Trauma, Relationship Issues, Life Transition, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, seeing a therapist is not only beneficial when your life feels unmanageable. Counseling can be used in the same way as a life coach, where you can seek growth and understanding of your own limitations and how to work past them.

What can I expect from a session with Dr. Hovey?

A counseling session is a time to share what you are looking for out of life, get some specific feedback, set personal and/or professional goals and develop a plan to help you achieve them. A session will provide a snapshot of your current life situation to gain better insight of the issues that you are facing. This will help to identify where the issues and blocks originated from and why. This is all done in a safe, confidential and comfortable environment.

How will my life improve from this work?

You will gain a better insight and understanding of who you are and the direction your life has taken. This is important because lack of understanding and appreciation for our lives can create patterns of limitation for ourselves. Understanding and appreciation for ourselves garners a sense of empowerment and joy in everything we do. This in turn reduces the amount of stress and anxiety we feel in daily life. Confidence is restored, communications with others improve, and you begin to move through life's obstacles with less effort. An all over sense of health and well being is restored and life becomes more manageable and satisfying.

How do I begin working with you?

Visit Request a Consultation to learn what to expect from your first therapy session and how to make an appointment.